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Ben in the News – Top 20 Next Gen IBD Advisors

This year Wealth Management Magazine published the top 20 Next Generation Advisors under 40 in the country. Our very own Ben Rickey claimed the number 4 spot* for 2014! Thank you all for making this accomplishment possible. We are proud to serve as your team! *ranked on assets under management

Don’t Destroy Your Rollover

When a person has company stock inside of their retirement plan that has significant appreciation, they need to understand the effect of Net Unrealized Appreciation. Simply put, Net Unrealized Appreciation, or NUA, is the difference between the basis, or what you paid for it, and the market value of those shares held in a tax…

Why Your Financial Planner Should Be A CFP®

We’ve all heard the phrase, “people are like snowflakes, all unique in their own special way.” This is true as each of us has different challenges and goals. As a result of our individuality, it’s imperative the advice we receive be personalized to our unique needs. This is especially true for the financial advice we…

Avoid Life’s Rainstorms with an Umbrella Policy

Being caught in the rain is never fun. I grew up in Aberdeen, Washington where it rains over 80 inches a year, and I spent the majority of my adolescents with the bottom of my jeans soaking wet. I never understood how Gene Kelly could be so happy singing and dancing in the rain. Nevertheless,…

Three Resolutions You Should Keep This Year

Making—and breaking—New Year’s Resolutions is a time honored tradition every January. We’ve all made them and we all know how depressing it can feel to hit February and realize we are never going to learn Mandarin, take a spin class or finish our 6-year-old’s baby book. Research shows almost 90% of resolutions will fail by…

VIDEO: Outlook 2014: The Investor’s Almanac – LPL Financial Research

2015 Financial Resolutions

This time of year, a lot of us start making New Year’s resolutions. We want to get in shape, quit smoking, spend more time with our families, etc. As 2015 quickly approaches, it’s important to consider making resolutions that will keep you financially fit as well. Here are a few resolutions to help you kick…

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