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2021 2nd Quarter Commentary

• The strong economic recovery drove corporate earnings growth and supported gains in stock prices. The S&P 500 finished the quarter and new all-time highs. U.S. valuations remained elevated. • In a reversal of the previous two quarters, growth stocks beat value stocks, bond yields decreased, and large cap stocks outperformed small cap stocks. •…

Naming Your Beneficiaries: Avoid Common Mistakes

We get a lot of questions from clients on naming beneficiaries to their accounts. While the paperwork is relatively straightforward, it is important to pay attention to a few key areas to avoid some common mistakes. We’ve outlined a few key areas keep in mind when naming a beneficiary Updating your will is not enough…

What is my Tax Bracket?

We often hear the question, “what is my tax bracket?” Generally, a tax bracket is the income tax rate at which a taxpayer is taxed for a certain range of income. The income ranges vary, depending on filing status. We will look at the difference between marginal tax rate and effective tax rate. Marginal Tax…

Should You Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency Background Before reading, our compliance team wanted me to emphasize that I am not an expert in cryptocurrencies and that nothing in here should be taken as investment advice. This is meant to be educational. Please do your own due diligence before investing. In broad terms, cryptocurrencies are a new type of asset that…

Child Tax Credit Monthly Payments starting July 15th

The Internal Revenue Service has started sending letters to more than 36 million American families who, based on tax returns filed with the agency, may be eligible to receive monthly Child Tax Credit payments starting in July. The American Rescue Plan Act authorized the expanded and newly-advanceable Child Tax Credit in March. The letters go…

Washington State Long Term Care Payroll Tax

Washington state passed a new law that aims to provide long-term care (LTC) coverage to residents starting in 2025. To pay for this benefit, you will see a new Washington state long term care payroll tax starting in 2022. There is a one-time option to opt out, but you must take action now! To opt…

Teaching Your Older Children About Money

Last month, we looked at ways to start teaching younger children about money and how to handle it wisely. This month, we will look at ways to teach older children about finances, including savings, budgeting, and credit. Below are some additional steps parents can take to help their children build a solid financial base. Earning…

6 Ways Your Non-Profit Can Increase Giving And Make Donations Easy

This article will look at 6 ways you can increase giving at your non-profit as well as helpful hints to put on your website to make donations easy. 1. Cash The first way to increase your giving is to make sure your patrons can sign up to make a one-time or ongoing contribution. For many…

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What is my Tax Bracket?

Child Tax Credit Monthly Payments starting July 15th

Washington State Long Term Care Payroll Tax

6 Ways Your Non-Profit Can Increase Giving And Make Donations Easy

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