Financial Planning Comprehensive Planning

What Makes Us Different? A Focus On Your Goals & Priorities

Nearly everybody could benefit from time with a trusted financial planner, but many people don't want a long-term commitment with an advisor. We believe in the power of advice and that you shouldn't have to pay us to manage all your money just to get on the right track. If you are looking for advice but aren't sure if you want to manage the investments on your own, our fee-only financial planners are here to help you make sense of your finances. 

We help you answer the important questions and provide a detailed list of recommendations that you can use with or without our help.

  • Clarifying your goals and savings opportunities

  • Determining if you can retire now

  • Creating a path to turn your saving plan into a spending plan

  • Analyzing your cash flow

  • Understanding the effect of taxes

  • Determining your Investment Risk Score

  • Planning ahead for your children's education

  • Creating a solid estate plan

  • Reviewing your insurance and risk management policies

Get the Facts Your Questions, Answered

When you are going through a big life change, like retirement, you can’t afford to miss anything. Even small mistakes can have large consequences, and that's why you need an expert on your side to consider all possibilities before you chart your course to the future.

Our Process Getting Started with Comprehensive Financial Planning


We want to know you— your goals, concerns, dreams and values. During your initial meeting, we’ll spend time finding out who you are and what you want your money to do for you. We'll answer any questions you have and let you decide if we're the right firm for you.

Collaborative Review

We'll get to work creating a plan, and when it's finished, we'll schedule a follow up appointment where we will present the recommendations. We really value your input and will be happy to implement any changes you would like to see. 

Implementation Meeting

Once you are completely comfortable with the plan as presented, we’ll have you fill out paperwork to open any necessary accounts and assist in any transfers from other financial institutions. Over time, we'll stay as involved as you'd like us to be.

Working with Us Transparent, Upfront Pricing

Unlike most financial advisors, we believe in complete and total transparency when it comes to pricing. We also believe that you should only have to pay for the services you need. That's why we work hourly—no hidden fees or unexpected costs here. Plus, we're able to offer special pricing for families and non-profits.

How Much Does it Cost? Financial Planning Fees

LRIA typically charges a fixed fee and/or hourly fee for financial planning services. These fees are negotiable, but generally range from $250 to $2,000 on a fixed fee basis or from $50 to $300 on an hourly rate basis, depending upon the level and scope of the services and the professional rendering the services. If the client engages LRIA for additional investment advisory services, LRIA may offset all or a portion of its fees for those services based upon the amount paid for the financial planning and/or consulting services.

Administrative $50 / Hour
Para Planner $250 / Hour
Junior Advisor $250 / Hour
Senior Advisor $300 / Hour

All accounts require a $500 down payment.

These services may be included in our ongoing wealth management services. Click here for pricing.