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2022 Year-End Tax Planning

The window for many tax-saving opportunities closes on December 31st. It’s important to evaluate your tax situation, while there’s still time to affect your bottom line for the 2022 tax year. Your specific circumstances should be considered, so please reach out if you have any questions. Charitable Contributions There are a few ways to save…

Client Question of the Month: Why do I still own bonds when their returns have been negative?

Bonds historically have helped stabilize portfolios when markets—particularly stock markets—grow volatile. The US bond market has recorded positive returns, before inflation, in all but four years since 1976. High-quality bonds, in particular, have typically held their value when stocks have endured their worst periods of performance. 2022 has been an outlier – bonds haven’t stabilized…

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 Begins October 15th

Medicare beneficiaries can make new choices and pick plans that work best for them during the annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period. Each year, Medicare plan costs and coverage typically change. In addition, your health-care needs may have changed over the past year. The Open Enrollment Period — which begins on October 15th and runs through…

Social Security Benefit Increase of 8.7% for 2023

Starting January 2023, Social Security beneficiaries will receive a 8.7% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The COLA is the largest since 1981, according to the Social Security Administration data. The adjustment is calculated based on inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax (taxable maximum) will…

2022 3rd Quarter Investment Commentary

The macroeconomic factors of rising interest rates and stubborn inflation remained chief concerns and weighed down both stocks and bonds. Despite a strong employment picture, economic data continued to moderate, and markets priced in a rising risk of recession in 2023. Stocks ended the quarter at reasonable valuations and bond yields were at their highest…

Student Loan Debt Relief Plan

The Biden administration announced its “student loan debt relief plan” at the end of August. The three-part plan aimed to relieve current student loan debt, make the student loan system and payments more manageable, and reduce college costs. We will take a deeper look at each part below. They also announced that the pause on…

Involvement in Financial Decisions

Is it time to involve your family in your account management? There are different levels of involvement that can be helpful in various situations. Below is a chart to show the progression of participation from signing an IDC that allows us to share specific information with a particular person to a Power of Attorney that…

The Huge Cost of Doing Nothing

One of the biggest decisions when transitioning into adult life is when to start saving.  Putting off savings till later comes with a cost of waiting.  Cost of waiting describes the opportunity cost when an individual decides to wait before beginning to save money.  This cost can result in a smaller portfolio at retirement, larger…

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Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 Begins October 15th

Social Security Benefit Increase of 8.7% for 2023

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2022 Year-End Tax Planning

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