2024 Key Financial Changes

Social Security recipients are getting a 3.2% increase in their 2024 benefits. The Medicare Part B premium is increasing from $164.90 to $174.70 per month. The annual exclusion for gifts increases to $18,000 from $17,000 per year per individual. The limitation on deferrals for 401(k), 403(b), and most 457 plans is increased to $23,000 for…

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Reminders as you Prepare your 2021 Taxes


As you or your tax preparer start to work on your 2021 taxes, there are a few things we wanted to remind you. 1099s – TD Ameritrade is releasing 1099s in waves. The most recent wave of 1099s was released on February 11th and the final wave will be released on February 17th. There may…

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2021 Year-End Tax Planning

tax planning

The window for many tax-saving opportunities closes on December 31st. It’s important to evaluate your tax situation, while there’s still time to affect your bottom line for the 2021 tax year. Your specific circumstances should be considered, so please reach out if you have any questions about 2021 Year-End Tax Planning. Charitable Contributions There are…

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Capital Gains FAQs

Capital Gains tax

Capital Gains – FAQs What is a capital gain? A capital gain is the profit when you sell a capital asset, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds or property. The profit is your gain over the original price you paid and you must pay tax on that gain. For example, if a stock is bought…

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Don’t Destroy Your Rollover

When a person has company stock inside of their retirement plan that has significant appreciation, they need to understand the effect of Net Unrealized Appreciation. Simply put, Net Unrealized Appreciation, or NUA, is the difference between the basis, or what you paid for it, and the market value of those shares held in a tax…

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