2023 Key Financial Changes

Social Security recipients are getting an 8.7% increase for their 2023 benefits The Medicare Part B premium is decreasing from $170.10 to $164.90 per month The annual exclusion for gifts is increasing to $17,000 from $16,000 per year per individual The limitation on deferrals for 401(k), 403(b), and most 457 plans is increased to $22,500…

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Reminders as you Prepare your 2021 Taxes


As you or your tax preparer start to work on your 2021 taxes, there are a few things we wanted to remind you. 1099s – TD Ameritrade is releasing 1099s in waves. The most recent wave of 1099s was released on February 11th and the final wave will be released on February 17th. There may…

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