Client Question of the Month: Why do I still own bonds when their returns have been negative?

A Stark Contrast

Bonds historically have helped stabilize portfolios when markets—particularly stock markets—grow volatile. The US bond market has recorded positive returns, before inflation, in all but four years since 1976. High-quality bonds, in particular, have typically held their value when stocks have endured their worst periods of performance. 2022 has been an outlier – bonds haven’t stabilized…

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Series I Savings Bonds Currently Earning 9.62%

I Bond

Series I Savings Bonds (also called I-bonds) are currently earning 9.62%. The rate is determined in part by inflation, and changes every six months. The interest is tax-deferred until redeemed. If you have extra cash on the sidelines over your “rainy-day fund”, consider purchasing I-bonds to help your money keep up with inflation. These bonds…

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