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Bad News for Some Medicare Beneficiaries

According to the Social Security Administration, Medicare Part B premiums will be going up beginning January 1, 2016 for more than 7 million Americans. The reason for this increase has to do with the decision not to do a cost of living increase for social security in 2016. A provision in the law states that…

What’s the Difference? Time Weighted Return versus Internal Rate of Return

A common question we hear from our clients is “what is my rate of return?” The true answer is: there is more than one way to look at returns. Understanding the differences can help you make better informed financial decisions. The two most acceptable methods to calculate returns are Time-Weight Return (TWR) and Internal Rate…

Big Changes to Washington’s GET Program

Earlier this month, changes were made to the Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program. The changes were in response to the recent reduction in tuition for Washington’s public colleges and universities. Tuition will be reduced at UW & WSU by 15% over the next two academic years. In addition, beginning in 2017-18, resident undergraduate tuition will…

Income in Retirement – Can it affect your Social Security Benefits?

These days, returning to work after retiring is a common trend. Whether you’re looking for an additional income stream to ease your finances into full retirement, or maybe you’re wanting to purse that dream career. Whatever your reason for re-entering the workforce, your Social Security, health insurance, and tax situation may be affected. Here’s some…

Getting the most from your Social Security Benefits

It can be one of the most important financial decisions you’ll have to make in your life – when to begin taking Social Security retirement benefits.  The years between 62 and 70 can make a world of difference to your financial future and the future of your spouse and heirs. Often, the decision can be…

Fifteen Ways to Save Money Fast (Part 1)

There are infinite life changes that can help you save money, but here are a few of the easiest. These fifteen tips and tricks will help keep your wallet fat and happy. 1. Learn to Make Starbucks at Home Whether you learned the habit in college, from parents, or at the office, a warm morning…

Overcoming the Top Money Problems That Lead to Financial Regrets

Most people would love to have a do-over when it comes to how they have handled their money. A recent survey by Money-Rates cited by Personal Finance Cheat Sheet examined the average person’s financial regrets and fears. By making a conscious commitment to change financial habits and attitudes, it’s possible to overcome obstacles that get…

Retirement Planning When You Are Debt Heavy

Student loan debt isn’t just a problem for Millennials in their 20s and early 30s anymore. According to an article by CNBC, senior citizens are debt heavy as well. An analysis by TransUnion shows student loan debt 10 years ago accounted for about 13 percent of total debt carried by people in their 20s. Today,…

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