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I’m Getting Divorced. Who Can Help Me?

By Ben Rickey / August 27, 2014 / Comments Off on I’m Getting Divorced. Who Can Help Me?

If you are going through a divorce right now, chances are high that you have a lot on your plate dealing with the death of your union. If you are the spouse who didn’t have much to do with managing the finances, you’re probably just now trying to learn what all of these things are…401(k),…

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Dealing with Times of Transition

By Ben Rickey / August 21, 2014 /

I am putting together a series of blog posts on dealing with times of transition. These are not meant to “put a bow” on a complex situation, but to highlight a couple of items that are easy to miss when you are making complicated decisions that have long term consequences in a time when you…

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This is Why We Plan

By Michelle / June 25, 2014 /

Plan with the ‘why’ in mind– this is my new mantra and if you’ve ever had a difficult time reaching one of your goals, maybe it should be yours too.   So many times in our lives, we focus our energy on the process or the ‘how’ of planning–for instance, “how am I going to…

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Mistakes When Making Your Deferred Compensation Elections

By Ben Rickey / June 5, 2014 /

You know the drill—every year the same difficult, complicated decisions about your Deferred Compensation must be made. How will you receive it? Over how many years? Averaged out or all at once? And once you make this decision, you are stuck with it. What we see most often is the decision being delayed until the…

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3 Ways to Help Your Kids Buy a House

By Ben Rickey / May 23, 2014 /

I feel like we have the best clients in the country. They are always looking for ways to help out their family. Many spent years saving for their kids’ college, helped plan and pay for a wedding and want to give them that last push into the adult financial world by helping them with a…

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Why Your Financial Planner Should Be A CFP®

By Michelle / February 17, 2014 /

We’ve all heard the phrase, “people are like snowflakes, all unique in their own special way.” This is true as each of us has different challenges and goals. As a result of our individuality, it’s imperative the advice we receive be personalized to our unique needs. This is especially true for the financial advice we…

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2015 Financial Resolutions

By Ben Rickey / January 6, 2014 / Comments Off on 2015 Financial Resolutions

This time of year, a lot of us start making New Year’s resolutions. We want to get in shape, quit smoking, spend more time with our families, etc. As 2015 quickly approaches, it’s important to consider making resolutions that will keep you financially fit as well. Here are a few resolutions to help you kick…

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Be Financially Fit for Life

By Ben Rickey / November 20, 2013 /

The world is exploding with products and services targeted to keep us physically fit— from phones that count our steps and track calories to armbands that monitor REM sleep. There are diets with no carbs, diets with juice and diets on a beach. It’s the same with your financial fitness. There are blogs, articles, tweets…

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The Roles of a Financial Planner

By Ben Rickey / November 6, 2013 /

Why on earth would you want to hire a financial planner? Even the name sounds boring. There are plenty of places on the internet or TV to get investment advice or planning ideas, right? I think there is a misconception on the role of a planner. This could be a hangover from the .Com brokers…

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