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Financial Planning

Retirement Planning: Project and show income and expenses through life expectancy. Estimate and calculate savings and investments through retirement. Estimate Social Security and pension benefits. Project inflation-adjusted needs during retirement. Project and show wealth accumulation of retirement savings. Use “what if” scenarios to examine potential results of complex recommendations. Plan generally includes net worth, liquidity analysis, retirement needs analysis and survivor needs analysis.

Investment Planning: Provide asset allocation advice. Look at current allocation and completion of risk assessment questionnaire. Plan generally includes current allocation as well as risk assessment and detailed reports and analysis of underlying investments.

Insurance Planning: Holistic view of survivor life insurance needs analysis. Plan will also include review of disability insurance risk, long term care considerations and general risk management.

Estate Planning: Use of flowcharts for clear calculation on estate issues. Review of basic estate planning tools and strategies. We are not licensed to engage in the practice of law and consequently, will offer no legal advice when preparing estate plans. We will work with your attorney in the creation or updating of your estate plan.

Tax Planning: Tax consequences of various investment and retirement strategies will be taken into account in all areas of planning. We will discuss various strategies that may be useful to manage taxation over a long period of time. We are not licensed to practice accounting and consequently, will offer no accounting advice.

Education Planning: Estimate tuition and housing for major colleges and calculate savings level to properly meet educational expenses.

Other Planning: Additional areas of planning agreed upon by the advisor and client. This may include stock option planning, Roth conversion, Lump Sum distributions, etc.